Taiharuru is situated at the northern end of Whangarei Heads and straddles the south end of the Whangaruru Ecological District and the north-east corner of Manaia Ecological District. 

Although small, the catchment contains a high diversity of interconnected ecosystems, including the estuary, freshwater wetlands, islands, and forest and shrubland remnants, all supporting a variety of plant and animal species.

The Taiharuru Catchment Care Group (TCCG) was set up in 2003 to protect and improve the quality of the environment in the area.

The group’s five main priorities are:

  1. Healthy water
  2. Terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity values and habitat maximized
  3. Specific and special ecosystems are recognised and protected
  4. Area is a place that people interact with and recreational values is in accordance with TCCG‟s vision
  5. Community is aware of the kaitiaki/environmental stewards or kaitiakitanga/environmental stewardship and involved in action on the ground.



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